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Total:1360 casinos reviewed

Started in 2005 AskGamlers found its niche in advocating online casino players.

Today it's a award-winning portal with more than 1360 casinos listed and numerous solved casino complaints.

Rating System of AskGamblers

AskGamblers rate online casinos using their own rating system (CasinoRank), where every casino gets rating from 0 to 10.

Besides, the Players Rating of 0 to 10 can be found in reviews.

More details on how CasinoRank works can be found here.

Lables and Lists

How online casinos are labeled and how AskGamblers group them into lists?

Certified Casinos
The most trusted casinos, the list is not big - there are only 41! To get this badge a casino must meet certain requirements:
  • Have "Casino Rank" score above 7.5
  • 80% complaints resolved
  • More than 6 months presence on AskGamblers
  • A casino have to support a special "Complaints" page
Blacklisted Casinos
48 Casinos got Black mark from AskGamlers.
Closed Casinos
197 Casinos are reported to be closed.