Title:Casinomeister®: Online Casino Authority - Advocate of Fair Play
Total:287 casinos reviewed

Founded in 1998 by Bryan Bailey, CasinoMeister is the oldest Players Advocate online.

Rating System of CasinoMeister

CM Rating - 0 to 10.

User Rating - 0 to 10.

Lables and Lists

How online casinos are labeled and how CasinoMeister group them into lists?

Accredited Casinos
List of 110 casinos that a player can trust.
Grey Zone Casinos
35 Casinos have "Grey Zone Marker" - certainly not rouge, but those that does not meet standards of Accredited.
Not Recommended
"Casinos to Avoid" list from Casinomeister.
Rogue Casinos
Currently 89 casinos are in the Blacklist - for no pay, software piracy, predatory terms and more reasons.
New Casinos (BBF)
Casinos that are in "trial period"