About RatingsUnited

There are thousands casinos online as well as thousands of sites that list them, assigning ratings and statuses and claiming to find the best or most trusted casino.

RatingsUnited.com is a portal number 1000+1, since we also state that we've found a way to track the best online casino in the world using our secret formula.

How it works

For every casino listed at our site we get ratings from a list of portals and aggregate them assigning certain weigh to each rating. Currently this weigh is related to a number of listed reviews on certain portal.

Besides, in the near future we plan:

  • to add extra points to casinos listed in certain categories, like "Certified Casinos" of AskGamblers or "Deposit Guarantee" of ThePOGG.
  • to decrease the score for Blacklisted casinos
  • to mark Closed Casinos - since it's also a good sign of casinos status

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